The Globus Scriptorium Houses a Desk and Chair Within Its Pod

 - Feb 17, 2009
Ok, that's it, stop drooling and get your own capsule office! The Globus Scriptorium is quite the enviable pod for those who love their privacy while plinking away at the computer.

The pristine white orb opens up to reveal a black interior which houses your work space, including a desk and cozy chair. The Globus Scriptorium was designed by Dutchman Michiel van der Kley who clearly knows a thing or two about designing for the modern day computer addict.

"The foam-molded seat padded luxuriously with leather can swivel a complete 180 degrees and keeps you as comfortable as you can be," EliteChoice says.

If it weren't for the $7,000 price tag, I'd ask you to put my name down on the order list!