Javier Pérez's Macabre Glass Artwork is Gruesomely Alluring

 - Jul 21, 2013
References: javierperez.es & ignant.de
Artist Javier Pérez’s glass artwork, aptly named ‘Carroña,’ depicts a gruesome scene between crows and their ripped apart meal. Pérez uses a blood red chandelier laying on top of broken red shards of glass to create the main focal point. When put together it portrays a scene of carrion being torn apart by crows.

Some of the most powerful pieces of art are the ones that make the biggest impact. ‘Carroña’ is surely an impact piece with its blood red glass shooting away from the ground mimicking the splattering of blood. There’s something about the color of blood combined with a monochromatic setting that creates a vibrance that captures your attention. Javier Pérez uses his glass artwork in a way that truly is awe-inspiring.