The Glance Smartphone Enables Hands-Free Notification Monitoring

 - Jan 24, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
A pair of cellphone-related behaviors which are quite opposite yet equally socially taboo are the practices of checking your device either too often or too infrequently. The Glance smartphone has been designed so that its user need not fall into either category.

What makes Alan Gerardo Farias' model different from the handsets currently on the market is that, across one short end, it has a screen which provides a summary of received messages, emails and calls. Broader than the Glance smartphone's other edge, this one is meant to stick slightly out of the pocket of your pants or your purse, allowing you to quickly glimpse any notifications without rudely pulling your mobile phone out all the time, or lazily leaving its muffled alerts in your laptop bag.