The Glance Cell Phone Concept Has a Trim Form Factor

 - Aug 28, 2011
References: yankodesign &
Although the slimness of the Glance Cell Phone Concept may be what wins some people over, its crowning feature definitely has to be its display. Or should I say, displays. Not only does the traditional LED screen overtake most of the phone's surface, more so than even the Apple iPhone does, it features a thin screen at its top that can be glanced down at when the phone is tucked away in one's pocket. Thus, the owner doesn't have to take out the Glance Cell Phone Concept every time he or she wants to see if anyone called or left a message.

Designed by Alan Gerardo Farías, the Glance Cell Phone Concept shows us that there is still a lot of improvement that can go into cell phone design, despite how perfect the iPhone appears.