Reach Toothbrush Ads Send Corn, Chicken and Pineapple Packing

 - Jan 31, 2009
References: jnj & adsoftheworld
These eye-catching ads for the Reach toothbrush feature melancholy pieces of chicken, corn and pineapple that are now looking for a new home because of the toothbrush's ability to get rid of every single piece of food that may get caught between your teeth.

I think I may not brush my teeth the next time I have a chicken burger just to avoid seeing the sad expression on that poor chicken’s face.

The Reach toothbrush ads were created by advertising agency JWT, Dubai, UAE. The executive creative director is Chafic Haddad with senior art direction by SM Ziyad. The wonderful illustrations were drawn by Svetlio Belivanov with copywriting by Zahir Mirza.