This Creative Resume Adds Some Movement to the Mundane

Apparently, people are now creating GIF resumes. Graphics interchange format, more commonly known as Internet sensation GIF, produces an animation by storing a number of images in a single file. Transforming the mundane but necessary evil of resume creation, Ecuadorian art director and designer Ivan Basurto has developed his own GIF resume. Basutro displays his education, work experience, awards and mentions, contacts, and references using punchy, colourful, animated images, supplemented by a wide range of eye-catching fonts.

Basutro's goal is to attract the attention of large creative ad agencies overseas, including (but not limited to) Mayo DraftFCB in Peru or Ogilvy in Brazil. An inspiring creative director, the freelancer hopes a GIF resume is far enough from the ordinary to set him apart from the pack. Perhaps in the near future the GIF resume will replace the boring pieces of paper we use today. It would defiantly be more interesting to read (or watch, rather) a GIF resume than sift through pile after pile of black and white sheets littered with Arial font.