These Quirky Artworks by Gianluca Mattia are Surrealy Captivating

 - Mar 22, 2011
References: cuded & randommization
If you crossed retro pinup art with Tim Burton's Beetlejuice and a whole lot of digital effects, you'd probably end up with something very close to the look and feel of these decidedly quirky Gianluca Mattia artworks.

With a high-octane aesthetic that fuses hot rods, hot cartoon babes and sizzling graphics into one consummately crazy whole, this collection of Gianluca Mattia is not the pinup artwork of your grandfather's era. Instead, it is a visceral and spookily surreal combination of past and present sensibilities which crackles with energy, mischief and excitement.

Gianluca Mattia's off-beat and highly-charged artwork may put off more conservative viewers, but there is no doubt that his works represent a progressive and refreshingly unique aesthetic that is certainly all his own.