The '39 Ghost Pontiac Displays the Bare Bones of Mechanics

 - Jun 15, 2011
References: blog.hemmings & theawesomer
The Ghost Pontiac is far more than a regular vintage vehicle. With the frame made entirely out of Plexiglass instead of regular sheet metal, this car bares all to viewers.

For anyone wondering what the interior mechanical workings of an old-school car actually looked like, this '39 Ghost Pontiac is the answer. However, to actually own this car is an entirely different matter considering it's expected to sell at auction for as much as 475 thousand dollars. Regardless of price, it's not often that one has the opportunity to drive around in a see-through car like this Ghost Pontiac.

For anyone looking to buy a car that isn't scared to bare all, this Ghost Pontiac is the ideal match.