This Geometric Jewelry by Halina Mrozek is Dangerously Pointy

These geometric jewelry pieces by Halina Mrozek are certainly eye-catching, but if you're not careful they could seriously put an eye out too. The gorgeous layered triangular necklaces and headpieces combine Mrozek's backgrounds in fashion and sculpture, resulting in jewelry that is not only wearable, but artful and daring.

The clothes and accessories a person wears are so important to the story that their style tells, although this message may be hidden in layers. Mrozek's geometric jewelry pieces experiment with this idea, as well as themes of masking, armor and protection. True to this notion, these pointy accessories are chic but deadly and would be effective at keeping people at bay.

Mrozek's pieces are featured in this series, modeled by the brave Ania Lagodzinska and captured by photographer Krzysztof Wyzynski.