The 'Gentleman's Glassware' Set Offers Guys a Masculine Option

Those looking for a darker, more masculine option when it comes to their glasses will find the 'Gentleman's Glassware' Set to be a refined option. Featuring a tumbler design that has the bottom dipped in wax, the 'Gentleman's Glassware' Set comes with four glasses that are designed to be used for either everyday usage or for when you're looking for pour a cocktail.

The 11-ounce glasses within the 'Gentleman's Glassware' Set have all been hand-dipped in black polymer, which means that they'll be able to withstand use after use without looking worn out as opposed to real wax which would simply chip away.

Ideal as a housewarming gift for a bachelor, the 'Gentleman's Glassware' Set is an unexpected aesthetic and option.