Blinged-Out Firearms, Pretty Pistols and Swank Sidearms

 - Apr 30, 2009
References: hogday-afternoon.blogspot
Some people just can’t have enough bling. We have seen blinged-out cars, cigars and bikinis; not to be outdone, these unusual guns have been held to the same fashion phenomenon.

It is pretty common to see expensive, decorated and engraved firearms in personal collections. Some have even become famous works of art. But these unique firearms go beyond common collectibles.

The first two guns pictured here are diamond-encrusted. Here’s a guide to the gallery:

1. Smith & Wesson Model 19 .357 magnum

2. SIG 226 9mm self loading pistol

3. Gold Desert Eagle

4. Gold Plated Pistol

5. Replica Gun China

6. Gold Beretta

7. Military Bling Gold

8. Taurus PT-92 with a bright chrome finish with bright 24k gold appointments.