Gatorade Sweat is a Selling Point for Its Beverage in This Commercial

 - Aug 11, 2016
References: adsoftheworld
One would never think that sweat would be a selling point for a drink but Gatorade sweat is the focal point of the company's 'My Sweat' commercial. The brand always promotes its beverage as a sports drink that assists in performance and hydration and the company played that up for this spot. The commercial features athletes -- predominantly men -- competing in all forms of summer sports. The music has a vibrant South American sound to it, likely alluding to where the 2016 Olympics are being held -- Rio. The back drop also resembles what foreigners might identify as Brazil. The My Sweat Gatorade commercial is light in terms of music and focuses on the strength of summer athletes by emphasizing what their sweat represents. The commercial ends with these sweaty athletes chugging back some Gatorade and states that the beverage is what fuels them.

Gatorade understands its target market of young athletes ranging from 18 to 35 by leveraging the adrenaline of sports and mixes in a timely element referencing the Olympics.