These Gardening Robots Allow Gardeners to Work Even at Night

 - Mar 5, 2014
References: youtube & psfk
There are thousands, if not millions of gardening electronics but this gardening robot is of a different breed. This robot is a working lamp that allows gardeners to continue gardening well into the night.

There's an old saying that goes "there aren't enough hours in the day." This is no more true than when one is working outside. Gardening is a very time-sensitive activity and this robot will help extend that time.

The gardening robots are called the Toro-Bots and are made by Alvaro Cassinelli. The robots react to human presence and can blink on and off. They work by crawling and following the user wherever they go so they can always see what they're doing. They are perfect for those who need that little but of extra time in the garden.