GAPA/BS BE PURE Project Brings Back Rules

 - May 27, 2012
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The GAPA/BS BE PURE project is an interesting and eye-catching approach to AIDS prevention and awareness. This project made up of over ten different artists from around the world collaborated to design an array of risque posters for AIDS awareness. The aim of this project, according to GAPA/BS an AIDS Prevention Support Group in Brazil, is to "bring back purity on everybody."

These graphic posters are sure to gain attention and get people talking about safe sex and AIDS prevention. Some of the posters show an intimate S&M scenario, a cartoonish Viagra pill enjoying the company of some satisfied old broads, a suggestively posed office worker, a flirtatious carrot and doting rabbit and a farmer and his love-interest farm animal. The underlying theme in all of these photographs is a simple and non-judgmental one: that safe sex is never wrong. As long as you protect yourself and your partner, you’re free to engage.

In each poster, the sexually active parties are all donning what appears to be glowing halos, but they are actually cleverly disguised condoms.