The Star Wars Ice Pop Maker Shapes Liquids into Edible Lightsabers

 - Apr 19, 2016
References: amazon & bakingbites
The Star Wars Ice Pop Maker is cinematic kitchen appliance that transforms liquids into galactic swords to create edible lightsabers. The popsicles are an ideal treat for fans of the Star Wars film saga looking for a refreshing treat that references their favorite movies.

The popsicle dish features a slot to make four frozen treats in long, coned shapes that resemble the florescent blade of a lightsaber. The moulds can be filled with an array of liquids such as milky drinks or fruit juices, with neon-colored beverages remaining true to the aesthetic of the weapons used by jedis. The homemade popsicles are finished with a lightsaber plastic handle that features the same buttons and grip design as the versions featured in the Star Wars films.