Gaya Flaming Mouth

 - Mar 18, 2008
References: ctothejl & ctothejl
Designed for living spaces without proper burning ventilation, Safretti's offers this line of wall-mounted fireplaces.

The Safretti Gaya Wall-Mounted Fireplace is the type of design you image will adorn the walls of homes in the future.

"It doesn't omit a vast amount of heat, but who cares, it's one of the most unique pieces of art/fireplaces ever seen," Safretti says. "Imagine seeing some of these hanging on the walls of a large castle-like corridor? The sleek and simple design with the black background gives it an eerie yet homey feel. Safretti isn't listing prices yet because this piece is so new, but you can be sure these will be a hot item."

Pricing is not available but those in the know say "it's destined to become a hot item". HA!