- Jun 13, 2010   Updated: Jun 2 2011
These chic fireplaces come in a vast of array of styles and capabilities. While some carry the benefit of being portable for those who like there fire on-the-go, others are wall-mounted for a more permanent, modern-styled look.

Regardless of what warming device you have now, you need to check out these hanging, mobile and oddly-shaped chic fireplaces to see what your home is missing.

Implications - Despite having the modern conveniences of heating, many consumers still appreciate the opportunity to use traditional devices, such as fireplaces. The same can be observed throughout all industries, where tradition oftentimes overtakes many new innovations. The ability for a business to revamp and infuse older products with new flair insures that they remain traditionally charming, yet appealing and contemporary.

Ways to Warm Up Your Rooms in Style: