This Davide Lombardi Futuristic Faucet has a Distinct Looping Feature

 - Jul 14, 2014
References: yankodesign
This futuristic faucet design will bring your kitchen out of the past and sky-rocketing into the future. The Oblio Faucet designed by Davide Lombardi, while looking completely unlike any faucet you have ever seen before, its usage is still surprisingly intuitive. While the plumbing accessory looks visually complex, in contrast it is not complex at all to use.

The looping, fluid design mimics that of water. This futuristic faucet is made for double sinks as it has two hoses with two different functions. One is a PVC section for thorough rinsing. The other is a "rigid steel section for a stable flow." In the middle there is a multidirectional piece that can control the water pressure and temperature of both sides or one at a time.