The Futura 'Da Vinci' Canvas Art is a Must-See

 - Jan 27, 2011   Updated: Jun 2 2011
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There are those who love graffiti and those who love classical paintings, so artist Futura decided to mix the two together with his Futura 'Da Vinci' canvas art.

The canvas features the artist's Pointman character behind a lightly shaded background, with hidden bits from some of Da Vinci's famous paintings. Lucky for you, Futura's 'Da Vinci' art is available for purchase at Futura Laboratories.

Implications - In the last 15 years, street art has seen a surge in interest from the public and the traditional art world. As society becomes more accepting of the formerly underground artform, more companies and brands will be interested in utilizing this burgeoning subculture to promote their products. By harnessing the excitement for street art/graffiti, companies and brands can show they have their finger on the pulse of contemporary society.