The Furrion Prosthesis is the First Race Mech and Hopes to Inspire Others

 - Jan 10, 2018
References: theverge & cnet
At CES 2018 the Furrion Prosthesis finally came to life, proving that mech racing may be closer than we think. Furrion Prosthesis first debuted at CES 2017, but the machine was incapable of movement. A year later, Furrion returned with the Posthesis, this time with a full range of motion. Furrion's first mech is an incredible feat in engineering, as the 14-foot tall behemoth is capable of speeds up to 21mph and features a battery with enough juice for two hours of operation. The mech is piloted by a single individual who sits within the machine and can even travel over obstacles.

The real-life applications of this mech may not be immediately clear, but Furrion has already announced the X1 Merch Racing League. There are currently no other competitors, but Furrion has entered the Prosthesis and hopes that other designs will soon follow. the Furrion Prosthesis is perhaps one of the more interesting innovations to come out of CES 2018 and even more so considering Furrion is not a robotics company—the company is perhaps best known for its high-end RV finishes, home appliances and personal electronics.