From Programmable Combat Bots to Informative Meal Tray Sets

 - Nov 15, 2017
These educational toys for kids offer interactive experiences that entertain users while expanding their knowledge and important skill sets.

One product that's included is the 'ThinkFun Roller Coaster Challenge Logic Game,' which aims to improve the STEM skills of kids. The game is intended to be played by one person at a time, and encourages players to use the many different components that are offered to engineer their own theme park. With this, the game allows kids to use their creativity and logic to make a structure of their own, which they can then play with after as well.

Also included is the Land of Nod's 'Byte-Size Personal Laptop Chalkboard,' which replaces the typical computer screen and keyboard with a more tactile and educational alternative. The portable chalkboard has two different drawing areas, as well as a tray that holds the drawing tools. Due to this unique design, kids can feel like a grown up using a laptop, while parents can cut back on their screen time.