This Funny Aftertaste Ad by Devondale Connects with Couple Issues

 - Mar 20, 2013
References: bestadsontv
Some drinks just have a funny aftertaste you can't shake off and sometimes you'll have to physically present how much you disapprove. The Devondale ad hilariously portrays the after-effects of drinking soy-infused milk.

Companies are always trying to figure out ways to further connect with their audience and this commercial does it brilliantly, granted it may by a bit far-fetched, but the moment showcases a real life situation that most couples eventually find themselves in. The 30-second ad shows a man just having drank some soy milk and then makes a face that a lot of people can relate to, if they've tasted something that doesn't quite please their taste buds. The woman walks in immediately assuming it's because of babysitting and she walks away thoroughly pissed.

It's minute details such as these in everyday life that make commercials stick out to viewers.