Washisock is a Pair of Highly Breathable, Blister-Free and Functional Socks

 - Jun 27, 2018
References: kickstarter
A pair of functional socks can go a long way to ensure high comfort levels and the health of one's feet. Washisock intends to do just that by using a rather unconventional material. The product is advertised to be incredibly breathable and capable of responding to changing temperatures. Extremely lightweight, incredibly durable and naturally anti-bacterial, the functional socks are perfect for strenuous activities, training and other sport-related occasions.

The innovation of Washisocks is contained in its material. The developers used Washi, which is traditional Japanese calligraphy paper. The material is transformed into usable yarn and cloth with a patented technique. The fabric for the functional socks is made by twisting strips of Washi paper that are 1.5 mm wide and integrating them with organic abaca hemp.