This Fun Phone Case is From ‘CuteOwlCase’

 - Feb 28, 2014
References: etsy & etsy
This fun phone case takes two different fandoms and mixes them together to make something awesome.

The two fandoms that are paid homage to are Game of Thrones and Adventure Time. Game of Thrones is about a feudal civilization that is a lot like ours in medieval times. One of the characters in the show is Jon Snow. Jon has a large wolf named Ghost that stuck near him in the first season of the show.

Adventure Time is a children’s cartoon about a boy and his magical dog that go on adventures and fight evil together. On this fun phone case, Etsy creator CuteOwlCase’ took an image that fused the two shows together and put it on the back. The picture shows Jon and Ghost, but drawn in the style of Adventure Time.