FuelPod2 Refinery

 - Dec 3, 2007
References: redferret.net
Driving Mr. Diesel? Now you can make your own fuel with the FuelPod2 home biofuel processor. All you have to do is dump in your leftover cooking oils and fat, and wait for it to make up to 50 litres of biodiesel.

"With just a 60cm diameter and at only 140cm high FuelPod2 sits easily at the back of the garage and is operated via a compressor," according to Red Ferret. "If you're interested in the science, it uses CE and ATEX approved process with air control to avoid any sparks. Safe Band technology heats the oil in a thermostatically controlled heater within an integral heating tank, prior to mixing with methanol added from a separate tank."

Eventually, you will have fuel good enough to run in any diesel engine without modifications. How you will manage to collect enough fat to propel your vehicle is another matter.