Fruit Tattoos: Natural Light Labelling Eliminate Fruit Stickers

 - Jan 1, 2006
References: durand-wayland
"Those annoying adhesive labels. If you are a grower, packer or retailer, too many of them fall off the fruits and vegetables that you send to market. If you are a consumer, they are an aggravation to remove, oftentimes damaging the fruit and clinging to your hands, kitchen counters, clothes, or children." - Durand Wayland

From their website:
The Natural Light Labeling System eliminates those problems. Using a concentrated beam of light, it removes the pigment from the outer layer of skin, revealing a contrasting color underneath. It's neat and clean, with no glue, plastic, paper or ink. It can etch logos, PLU's, country of origin, lot and batch numbers - virtually anything you might want - all without buying, peeling, storing, or cleaning adhesive labels ever again.

No problem with labels adhering to your furniture, your hair or your children. Also, there is no messy glue to wash off of the fruit.

You just eat the label. No chance of choking on an inedible piece of plastic.

Confidence In What You Are Buying
Do you prefer a particular brand of produce? How about Organic? Now you don't have to worry about whether the label on your produce is the same as its original. With etched fruit and vegetables, there's no doubt.

Environmentally Friendly
Etching of fruit does not consume inks, paper or plastic. Did you know that some vegetables, such as cucumbers, are wrapped in plastic because labels will not stick to them? Now they need not be.

Country Of Origin
Currently, very few pieces of produce indicate the country where they were grown. With etched fruit, all of them will.

Heaven forbid that produce should be contaminated. Etched fruit can be permanently marked with information that allows produce to be isolated and tested, much as over the counter drugs. Because they do not have flexible numbering systems, adhesive labels cannot carry such information.

No Damage To Your Fruit
Have you ever peeled the label off of a pear or plum, only to have the skin come off with it? Etched fruit suffers no damage whatsoever, with no loss of freshness or shelf life. You just eat it.

If an adhesive label has fallen off of your fruit before you purchase it, you will often get a puzzled look from the cashier, as he or she tries to decide whether you have a Bosc or a Sekkel or a D'Anjou. Of course, if the label is really stuck at checkout, good luck removing it at home without damaging your delicate pear.

No Delays At Checkout
Q: What are the two most dreaded words at the grocery store? A: “Price check.”