Oasis Fruit Drinks' 'You Pomm' Parody Site Resembles an Adult One

 - Apr 15, 2014
References: youpomm & adverblog
Fruit naturally has some seductive qualities and the latest fruit drinks campaigns from Oasis Juice makes sure you know about them. In a rather bold move, the Marcel agency in Paris set up YouPomm.com, designed to be a spoof of an adult website that bears an incredibly similar name if you replace the "M's" with "RN." Although it's pretty daring, the parody site's name couldn't be more perfect, since "pomme" means "apple" in French.

YouPomm's content is made to be tantalizing, with a number of videos that depict hands suggestively touching a variety of wet fruits with a seductive French voiceovers. The campaign is a pretty cheeky way for Oasis to prove just how alluring the fruits in its drinks are. Although the site may not look safe for work, it's harmless, but if you decide to check it out in public, it may seem more scandalous than it really is.