This Frozen Chicken Meal is Completed with the Addition of One Fresh Onion

 - Jun 18, 2016
'Add One Veggie' is the name of a line of frozen chicken meals that can be made with the addition of one fresh vegetable ingredient. In the case of the Sweet and Sour Chicken from NH Foods, only one onion needs to be added to complete the meal kit, which comes with pre-cooked chicken and carrot, as well as a sweet and sour sauce.

In total, the kit takes about five minutes to heat on the stovetop and prepares between two to three servings.

This product range was first introduced in Japan, but now it is being adapted for a European market. The full range of products from the Add One Veggie assortment includes Asian-style chicken dishes in Sweet & Sour, Green Pepper and Sweet & Chili Flavors.