This Device Uses Sensors to Detect the Freshness of Milk Containers

 - Jul 29, 2015
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Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley recently collaborated with engineers at Taiwan’s National Chiao Tung University to develop a device that can detect the freshness of milk. With this new milk-detecting device, you may never have to worry about consuming spoiled dairy products again.

The 'smart cap' contains a number of high-tech components, including an inductor, a resistor, a capacitor and a LC tank. The tiny plastic cap is made through a process of 3D printing and it features a series of embedded sensors that are able to detect the freshness of milk inside a given container. The device thus helps to indicate whether a product has spoiled before it is even opened.

While the technology is still in the early stages of testing, the sensors could eventually be embedded in packaging to provide food safety alerts for consumers.