Frederik Roije's SmokeStack is a Symbolic Heating Structure

 - Apr 14, 2013
References: roije & dezeen
With modern heating solutions becoming more common place, once-necessary fixtures like fireplaces and smoke stacks have become less favorable ways to warm people's humble abodes or surrounding areas, but Dutch designer Frederik Roije's chic SmokeStack creation sees this heating artist using his own memories to make a stylish creation fit for today.

Frederik Roije's SmokeStack is made from Corten Steel, a purposefully weathered metal that forms a protective layer around the heater. But that's not all this bronze-looking Corten Steel does. Roije says that he used this material and forged his SmokeStack in this particular shape because it "refers to memories from the past," as the shape of the smoke stack is a "landmark and symbol of progress."

Looking more like a life sized smoking pipe, Frederik Roije's SmokeStack is a demure heating design that uses a necessity of the past to make a stylish statement for the future.