The Fred Armisen 'Be Serious for 30 Seconds' Gag is Excellent

 - Jun 1, 2012
References: youtube & laughingsquid
The Fred Armisen 'Be Serious for 30 Seconds' video campaign by the funny SNL actor is an endeavor to encourage some serious thought. The funnyman is spearheading this anti-comedy joking campaign that should hopefully produce some comic gold. While laughing, smiling and "irony" are off limits, that doesn't rule out some unintended hilarious moments from the serious respondents.

In his own serious 30-second clip, Armisen shows what he means by serious. The slightly awkward, hilariously dramatic, serious 30-second clip incorporates all his rules for the video -- cutting to an object, dramatic pauses and door-slamming. The Fred Armisen Be Serious for 30 Seconds campaign is open to anyone with a YouTube account.