The Fragments Table by Uto Balmora is Purposefully Fractured

 - May 24, 2012
References: utobalmoral & design-milk
The Fragments Table may look like it was cracked in the delivery or moving process, but it was purposefully created with subtle fractures on its surface and legs. These unorthodox details give the piece of furniture a faceted appeal that shows off a different side of the glass material people are used to seeing. The Fragments Table especially plays with the edge of the glass, giving it a blue-green color that is beautiful to look at.

Created by Uto Balmora, a virtual designer based in Milan, Italy, the Fragments Table looks deceptively light because of its completely transparent aesthetic as well as its lack of other materials, namely a steel frame. According to Tonelli Design, it is the "perfect couple between the possible, the product and the impossible."