Emmanuel Fritz and Collin Schipper Use Vibrations to Make Art

Artists Emmanuel Fritz and Collin Schipper are helping us to see sounds, using the almighty power of bass to create these awesome fractal paintings.

Pumping sounds to extreme volumes, Fritz and Schipper's Bass Structures series was created by placing transparent canvases directly over a speaker. From there, the artists poured various paint colors of their choice over the canvas, while keeping the vibrations from the concentrated bass going strong.

Each creation is different, as several factors like the note, frequency, shape of the surface and even chemical composition of the paint and materials drastically alter the outcome of these psychedelic creations.

Fritz and Schipper describe their works as "fractal like patterns," and depending on the colors that you chose, you may feel like you're looking at anything from a messy crime scene to a cosmic landscape.