Forest Milk Lets the Cows Graze in a Picturesque Forest

 - Nov 5, 2009   Updated: Aug 17 2011
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You think organic milk is good, with its anti-biotic freeness and happy cows. Well the Japanese are taking it to a whole other level, they have something called Forest Milk.

Here is how forest milk works: the cows are allowed to graze in a forest, and then they are milked for their delicious, creamy offering. Not to mention that Forest Milk has some off-the-chain packaging. Can you milk all this? Ya, didn't think so.

Implications - Animal-friendly products are becoming more and more popular as consumers are becoming more aware of the lifestyles of the animals whose products they consume. Since vegetarian, vegan and animal-friendly products are readily available in a variety of different commodities, companies can appeal to the rapidly growing demographic that seeks to partake in an environmentally friendly lifestyle.