Folio 2.0 by Varey Design is Reduced to Essential Components

 - Dec 14, 2011
References: vareydesign & ecofriend
Cyclists realize that an effective and efficient conveyance need not be heavy, and this is precisely the principle behind the Folio 2.0 by Varey Design. Of course, arriving at work each morning drenched in sweat is not everyone's idea of the ideal commute, which is where this clever subcompact takes the lead.

The driver does not need to exert himself to operate the nimble automobile anymore than he does in a regular motor vehicle. He can sit comfortably on a cushioned seat with the floor beneath his feet before a simple steering wheel. And being entirely electrical, the environment is not exhausted by its use either.

The battery-operated design allows the Folio 2.0 by Varey Design to be incredibly lightweight, so the rest of the concept car's body follows suit. With a minimalistic approach, models can be custom designed to match the needs of the motorist, and the size of the body even decreases when one seat is dropped.