'Foam Cloud' is a Museum Installation with Zero Budget

 - Aug 4, 2016
References: franciscocolom.eu & yankodesign
When faced with a budget of, well, nothing, artist Francisco Colom created the 'Foam Cloud.' On display at the FOAM Photography Museum of Amsterdam, the piece uses 42 fluorescent tubes from the museum's own warehouses, ultimately costing nothing for the artist to create.

Beyond its thriftiness, the 'Foam Cloud' installation is aesthetically appealing and provides an interesting perpectival trick. From inside the museum, the fluorescents appear to be hung at random angles, looking like the static bolts that form in the aerial phenomena that give the artwork its name. However, if viewers stand at a marking on the sidewalk outside the museum and look through its windows, the lights coalesce to form the word "FOAM" as a sign for the museum.