The Flying Rider Bicycle Replaces the Saddle with a Harness

 - Sep 12, 2014
References: flyingrider & gizmag
The Flying Rider is a bicycle that hangs the rider from the harness instead of having them sit on a saddle. This may sound comfortable but it isn't; rather, this design ensures that the padded overhanging section of the frame prevents the rider's back from bobbing up and down while pedaling, instead converting the blocked vertical motion into increased leverage on the pedals.

The bike's carbon fiber frames are being manufactured by Dynamic Composites, which has previously built parts for the Canadian National Cycling Team. The bike weighs about 20 pounds.

The Flying Rider will sell for $4,770 for the fully loaded bicycle or $2,462 for just the frame and the fork. The bike may even be made available in select stores in the coming weeks.