Flower Flavored Water

 - Nov 15, 2006
References: balancewater.au
The Balance Water Company has introduced 3 new products into the bottled water category. Billed as world firsts the simple but sophisticated design encases a non-flavored, non-colored, and non-allergenic functional water which has been infused with Australian wildflower essences.

“Flower essences are typically taken to help gently calm and relieve stress. They help comfort and focus attention and allow people to deal with pressure. The effect varies with the individual. People who are used to taking flower essences will notice the effect more quickly than those just starting.

Balance water is not a therapeutic product. It is not the elixir of life or the fountain of youth. What we do know is that flower essences are found to be helpful by many people. All of the contents are 100% natural and organic. This water can be drunk in the same quantity and frequency as you would a regular spring water.”

The product range: Balance Water for Women; Balance Water for Travelling; and Balance Water, helps with a whole host of lifestyle and wellness issues from lack of concentration to irregular sleeping patterns. Sourced from deep spring wells in New South Wales this new range of water looks set to take the global stage.