Illustrator Florey Renders Christoper Nolan's Batman Series

 - Aug 17, 2012
References: mrflorey.tumblr & herochan
Christopher Nolan finally put the nail in the coffin to his Dark Knight trilogy, and illustrator Florey decided to commemorate the momentous event by rendering posters depicting characters from all three movies. Everyone’s favorites are here, including Alfred, Bane, Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon, Joker and Batman himself. For added awesomeness, Florey titled each poster after the primary weapons of each movie’s villain, ‘Fear,’ ‘Chaos’ and ‘Pain’ respectively. Fans everywhere are probably overjoyed by these works.

Also worth talking about is Florey’s illustrations’ unique visual style. They rely heavily on negative space to convey the contours and features of the characters. In addition, Florey exaggerates anatomical proportions in order to emphasize things like Commissioner Gordon’s noble appearance or the Joker’s menacing contorted posture. And to top it all off, the minimalist use of color and detail are highly evocative of art deco aesthetics.