This Artists Turns Critical Reviews into Floral Photographs

 - Sep 24, 2015
References: & fastcodesign
Natalie Czech is a German artist who turns critics' reviews into beautiful floral photographs. Many years ago, different floral arrangements were used to convey powerful messages. However, the process of using flowers to send messages has largely disappeared in the modern era.

Czech reimagines the idea of using flowers to convey meaning in her series 'Critic's Bouquets.' As part of the series, Czech asked various authors to write a short review of a prominent artist's work. Czech then developed a key of flowers that symbolize different emotions. The writers were then asked to pair the meaning of their words with the appropriate flower. The result is a series of beautiful floral photographs that convey the words of each author.

The series uses flowers as a way to establish a new relationships between written text and digital images.