The Greenstar Concept by Dutch Docklands is a Floating Hotel Design

 - Aug 21, 2014
References: dutchdocklands & tuvie
Dutch Dockland created the Greenstar floating hotel design that is cleverly shaped like a gigantic star. The hotel floats peacefully in the Maldives located in the Indian Ocean-Arabic Sea.

The Dutch Dockland company is known for creating outlandish hotel designs that push the envelope in architectural design. The Greenstar is no exception with its unique star-shaped island design and floating abilities. The hotel is designed to have five points each with its own various layered green terrace levels. The stacked look of the hotel beautifully incorporates a man-made environment into a modern hotel design that sustains water and is ecologically friendly. While the Greenstar hotel is only a concept design, it is sure to make quite the splash in the hotel industry if it is ever fully realized.