The FlipBooKit Lets You Create a Customized Piece of Art

 - Oct 3, 2012
References: xraydreams & kickstarter
Inspired by the works of Edweard Muybridge, artists Mark Rosen and Wendy Marvel created the FlipBooKit so that people can make their own version of their old-fashioned flip book sets.

By creating your own DIY hand-cranked flip books, you can set your artwork in motion. It even lets you create little scenes or a short film out of still images. The cube-shaped flip books can be hung up on a wall as a type of moving installation artwork, drawing the viewer's eye from one image to the next. The old-fashioned flip books will look attractive in your home with their rustic look and vintage feel.

The DIY FlipBooKit by Mark Rosen and Wendy Marvel allows you to create your own installation of art by using your own prints and images and setting them in motion.