Flip Headphones Let Users Switch to Speakers with a Simple Flick

 - Dec 6, 2012
References: yankodesign
Designer Olivia Sha has made listening and sharing music much more efficient and enjoyable with her Flip headphones. Music is contagious and sometimes, it's nice to share the lovely tunes with someone without having to swap ear wax with those tiny earbuds. Olivia Sha's colorful design allows the user to stream music into their headphones.

With the simple flick of a switch that's embedded onto the exterior of one side, the Flip headphones convert instantaneously into a set of speakers so the tune can be shared with friends easily. Unlike the typical headphone designs, they Flip system doesn't require a bunch of external cords to activate the speakers. In all the colors of the spectrum, it's not hard to find one that best matches the user's personality or style.