Flight of Fancy's Rustic Altar Kit is Equipped with Sage and Crystals

 - Dec 11, 2015
References: flightoffancydesigns
Whether you're a fan of bohemian home decor or a general spiritualist, Flight of Fancy's travel altar kit is ideal for those who wish to remain balanced wherever they are. In addition to being sold in a rustic wooden box, the kit also comes equipped with healing crystals including polished quartz and raw quartz points, a citrine cluster and a smoky elestial.

Moreover, the kit also features sage, incense and scented tea lights along with cruelty-free feathers and even palo santo and selenite sticks. Whether used for purely decorative purposes or to rid one's home of negative energy, this travel altar kit is ideal for those inhabiting a small space or frequent travelers looking to make temporary residences feel more like home.