The 'FlexiSpot' Desk Bike is Gentle Enough for the Whole Family to Use

 - Aug 2, 2017
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This 'FlexiSpot' desk bike is a great way to get gentle exercise while working or watching television.

In recent years, standing desks have become popular in Millennial offices due to their ergonomic benefits. The 'FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro' elevates this experience by converting from a standing desk to a stationary bike in a few easy movements.

This ergonomic desk alternative is also a great way for those with limited mobility to get gentle exercise while relaxing. The FlexiSpot desk bike features an adjustable seat and eight resistance levels. This device is quiet and smooth so that it won't disturb others in the office or interrupt television programming while in use. Finally, an ultra-wide desktop makes multitasking a breeze.