The Flexible Solar Cell is a Foldable Way to Get Energy from the Sun

 - Jul 16, 2011
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Using solar energy is a great green alternative but it can sometimes be restricting; the flexible solar cell lets you stay green-friendly without compromising your lifestlye.

Formulated by MIT professor Vladimir Bulović and several students, the flexible solar cell boasts the ability to absorb energy from the sun and can be folded without the possibility of damage. Even better, ordinary forms of paper or cloth can be used as the base for the cells to be printed on.

Store the flexible solar cell in the pockets of your pants and be assured that you'll never be without the resource of energy again.

Implications - Shoppers in the modern sphere look for convenient ways to stay green-friendly. Products that offer an environmentally friendly aspect with ease are appealing to those who can't afford to dedicate too much time to an organization. Coming out with more of these items could help a company trying to increase its revenue.