FlexEnergy Powerstations Harness Energy From Landfill Emissions

 - Mar 2, 2011
References: flexenergy & cleantechnica
The U.S. Army is one organization that takes eco-friendly technology seriously, and their latest plan to install two FlexEnergy Powerstations at Fort Benning, Georgia is just the latest example of their green-minded agenda at work.

FlexEnergy Powerstations are remarkable machines that can harness even the weakest of methane emissions in order to create substantial amounts of power. At Fort Benning, the U.S. Army plans to install two of these devices on the fort's landfill which will generate up to 250 kW each (enough power for 500 homes.)

The army's adoption of FlexEnergy Powerstations is a part of a larger initiative to get the country's defense more self-reliant when it comes to its energy supply. The dual advantage of this objective is that it makes its armed forces less dependent upon vulnerable civilian grids while also helping the environment. It really is a win-win situation.