'Flesh Things' by Chris LaBrooy is a Modern Reinvention

 - Jan 16, 2012
References: chrislabrooy
Chris LaBrooy’s collection 'Flesh Things' revisits household objects and fastens them into organic flesh-colored representations. These eerie fleshy gadgets incorporate flesh and resemble certain sections of the human body including the arms, the belly button and the upper body. These cyborg creations include vases created to look like folded arms, belly button-inspired turntables and speaker combos and various sculptures that embody the human body.

Flesh Things is a fresh and modern reinvented take on the normally standardized, mundane and bleak household objects. LaBrooy explores and facilitates the organic (i.e. flesh) with the inorganic (i.e. inanimate household objects). Ultimately, giving life to lifeless objects and interest to household gadgets -- conversation pieces, anyone? I’ll say!