The Flesh Chair is Chubby and Saggy But Oh So Comfortable

 - Feb 5, 2014
References: made-kadk & dezeen
There is something interesting happening in the Flesh Chair, for it appears to embody a generally unappealing form, yet that is precisely what makes it supremely practical.

Designer Nanna Kiil created a supportive wooden frame and then covered it with spongy foam in the form of light pink upholstery. This skin-colored slip comprises a great deal more material that necessary to coat the armchair, causing the cloth to become wrinkles, rolls and bulges that are not dissimilar to the epidermal anatomy of obese individuals.

Despite the negative visual impression that this idea might encourage, the user will discover that the Flesh Chair is consequently incredibly comfortable. The thick fabric with its pudgy bunching happens to embrace you in such a warm and welcoming way.