Flamethrowing Jack-O'-Lantern Lights Up Epically

 - Oct 29, 2011
References: instructables & laughingsquid
I've seen a lot of epic Halloween pumpkins, but the Flamethrowing Jack-O'-Lantern may have them all beat.

Richard Sarafan has provided instructions on his very epic Flamethrowing Jack-O'-Lantern. From a distance, it looks like any other pumpkin on a doorstep, but push a trigger and this bad boy will throw up pyro like it's an 80s hair metal concert. Of course, a DIY project like this will take patience and time to build. Those who are interested will require parts that include WD40, SPST 5V relay, 9V battery snap, 10K resistor and more.

Sarafan advises readers to not proceed with the project because he really put up the instructions for entertainment purposes only. It's definitely dangerous, so hold your grudge against pumpkin-smashing teenagers. Trust me, there are less dangerous ways to deal with them.